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August Walking Photos

Part of the changes I’ve made has included trying to walk more. It’s not so much about getting the extra steps in as that’s not the goal for me right now, but to enjoy more fresh air. When in my office I drift away and focus on work that before I know it the day has gone and I haven’t actually moved since 8 am.

The morning plan has changed slightly whereby I’ll park somewhere different and take a long walk around the town. Of course, this might change as the weather gets a little worse and I just want to get into the office.

It helps that Lewes is a beautiful place to walk around, with a castle, river, nature reserves and so many historical buildings to keep me entertained. All the while I’m enjoying the walks I’ll post a sort of round-up of the photos I’ve taken while on my walks.

This image was actually taken on holiday in Center Parcs, this was the start of August and when I started to focus a little more on health and I made the most of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. If you’re looking for somewhere full of woodland to explore you can’t go far wrong with a stay at one of the Center Parcs around the UK. If you fancy a read all about our stay pop over here – A Family Break At Centre Parcs

One of the first photos I took whilst out running. Cardio isn’t going to play a massive part in my plan as I already do quite a bit, I will, however, try to go for a run once or twice a week. I much rather trail running than road running as it seems kinder on my knees and ankles plus it gives me incredible views like this.

Just down the road from me is Buxted Park which is a huge open area full of nature and wildlife and views across the countryside. I quite liked this lone tree in the middle of the field, I also found out this is where the local Parkrun goes so I’m going to make it my aim to take part in one this month.

One of my favourite views in Lewes, this is Sussex Ouse Way, a gorgeous walkway along the river and taking you to a stunning nature reserve. The early morning views seem to be when it’s at its peak. There’s no one on the river banks and the water is so peacefully still. The morning that I was there the blue sky and sunlight added a wonderful glow across the scene and reflection.

I also love the little boat hidden underneath the tree on the right-hand side.

The final image for this month is of the area just near Pells Pool, an outdoor lido. This is called Pellbrook Cut, which is fed from the River Ouse and often has ducks swimming on it. When the trees are full and the lighting just right it produces a stunning view.

I think somewhere in my photos I have this same image but its wintertime and the water is completely frozen.

We’ll see what images I manage to take on my walks for September.

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