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Family Fruit Picking

Every year we kind of have a little family tradition, we love to go fruit picking. We have a local farm that is a lovely place to visit and normally has a good amount of fruit and vegetables to pick. The timing to go fruit picking is key for us as there is certain fruit that we eat lots of so it makes sense to go when it’s in it’s prime.

We’ve probably done this for the past 5 years and in past, we’ve gone straight in and picked so much of everything that it cost so much money and also we end up wasting a lot of the food…I mean who likes gooseberries?

Mia loves raspberries so that’s what we fill up on first, then we head to the strawberries and honestly that’s normally as much as we go for. We figure there is no point picking and wasting fruit. Sometimes we’ve picked runner beans or other vegetables if we know that we’ll use them.

For us, it’s more about getting outside in the fresh air and away from the computers. We use this time to also have a little picnic or tea and cake outside. Previously we’ve also walked around the animals that they have there and enjoyed the play area.

I’d love to say the fruit was used for some extravagant feast but the reality is it was eaten at breakfast and a snack during the day.

One thing we like about going fruit picking is the fact that it’s 100% locally grown and fruit like this seems to last so much longer than the fruit you buy in supermarkets.

Do you ever go fruit picking?

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