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Gym vs Home Gym

Home Gym vs Regular Gym

As I’m trying to get fitter and healthier than ever working out is, of course, going to play a massive part. 

The debate I’ve been having is trying to set up my own small home in our garage or joining one of the local gyms. In storage, we’ve already got an exercise bike and rowing machine so it would need to be added to with some weights and gym flooring. 

We’ve got a few gyms nearby from basic ones starting at £25 a month right up to one at £160! Two massive extremes. The slight issue with it is I don’t live and work in the same town, so I can join one in one town but either way, I’ve got to travel if I want to use it on a day off.

The other thing about gyms is confidence, I know people won’t judge but it’s easy to think they are, on the other hand, it might add a more social side to fitness and it would be good to get feedback.

Home Gym

The beauty of having a home gym is the cost, the only expense is the equipment…of course, you could go way overboard on this. You don’t have to work out in front of people and you can do it when you like.

The downside for me would be you have to be self-motivated, as you haven’t paid a membership its easy to push it off, oh I’ll do it tomorrow. Plus not many people actually have the space for a ‘gym’, but you don’t need a treadmill as you can just run on the roads or in parkland.

I asked this question on Twitter and was surprised by the answer.

I thought more people would be saving money. To sum up, I’m using a home gym, and gym is very flexible. It’s a garage with very little in it. I’ve been using resistance bands, pots of paint as kettlebells and running twice a week as my cardio.

Drop a comment and let me know how/where you work out.

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  • dadbloguk

    August 23, 2019at7:00 am Reply

    Home gym! I was kinda put off other gyms when I used a gym at work and bumped straight into a naked colleague having a shower. Got a few good equipment reviews from Decathlon on my blog if you want to take a look. Defo recommend getting an exercise rig.

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