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September Running Photos

So September has ended and we’ve not entered into October and Autumn. Autumn is, without a doubt, my favourite season as you might be able to tell from the photos that I’ve captured towards the end month. I think in total I went for 4 runs over the course of September and each one was 5k, the other good thing is that for each one the time was quicker than the last. I know that can’t continue and I will find a happy pace without trying to beat my PB.

At the moment I’m aiming to get as close to the magic 20-minute mark for a 5k and then after that I think a consistent time of 25 minutes will be a more manageable and sensible time. The beauty of this time of year is the fact that the sunsets are at a sensible time, it means the evening runs for September were filled with skies full of gorgeous colours as you’ll notice.

There are four photos to share which I think are pretty special, all from the same area of the beautiful Sussex countryside.

This area is called Buxted Park and it’s a stunning area whatever the time of year and weather. There is a couple of ponds to take photos of and also jog around. One of them is covered in waterlilies which gives an added interest and gives something to focus on. One has a fallen tree just dipping into the water, they all create beautiful reflections when the water is nice and calm.

As the weather changes, I’m not sure when I’ll be running, I went out one evening at the beginning of October and it was dark by 6.30 which is a bit rubbish.

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