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Setting Goals

On this fitness journey, I’ve so far stepped away from setting myself personal goals. To begin with, it has all been about making changes, to set goals early on might have driven me too much and I would have given up. I’m just over a month in and the strides I’ve made have been huge and I feel like a different person. I feel better from a health point of view, I feel stronger and each time I workout or run I feel good.

I now feel that making a few gentle goals wouldn’t be a bad thing. Nothing too serious like running a marathon, but ones to drive me on. Almost like little bitesize goals, a raise in the weight I lift, the time to try and beat on a 5km run. These simple goals will drive me further without making me feel down if I don’t hit those goals.

With the running that I’m currently doing, I can only really do these a few times a week. In the past 24 months, I’ve torn the ligaments in both ankles from playing football and running for a long time and distance really doesn’t do it any good. 2 spaced out runs seems to be ok, the day afterwards I won’t lie it does hurt but it’s manageable. For a little bit of fun with the running, I and a friend of mine Joshua Bold of BoldMenswearBlog have a little challenge for each other. The aim is to see who has the quickest time over 5km by the end of October. The time has to be tracked using Strava and the loser has to buy the other a full cooked breakfast. We’ll see who gets the quickest time.

The other goal to set myself is just to slowly increase the weights I use. I will never be someone who curls 30kg per arm or benches 200kg, that’s just not the way I’m built but I can increase what I use. At the moment I’m using kettlebells, mainly because they have a broader range of uses so I can get more done with less equipment. In an ideal world, I’ll increase the weight of these every month. The sim is not to let these workouts become easy, each time I want to push myself, to keep working to a level.

Fairly simple goals but ones that will keep me motivated and keep pushing.

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