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The Start of My Fitness Journey

In just over 3 years I hit the age of 40, my daughters will be 12 and 15 and when I get there I want to be the fittest I’ve ever been.

Aim high right?

I’m not super unfit, I play football once a week but outside of that my working day involves me sitting down for the most part. I drink my tea at my desk, I often eat at my desk and that doesn’t lead to a very healthy lifestyle.

When I was younger I loved long-distance running, competing for my school and county in cross-country running. Every weekend I’d be playing football and on top of that, I’d ride my bike a few times a week.

Children and life change all of that and the motivation to keep fit slips away. Well that all changes, making that change is important, having energy, a goal to go after and feeling good about yourself.

It isn’t just about moving around, but changing lots of things, the food I eat is the main one. I don’t need to lose weight if anything I need to put a little bit of weight on. The need to change my diet is where the biggest change might be found.

I have a sweet tooth, cakes, biscuits, sugar in my tea the works really. The first change is the sugar in the tea, I can’t drink tea without it and I can’t not have a cup of tea so I’ve been looking into sugar replacements. The one what jumps out is called Xylitol. According to Amazon, it looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and you can use it just like sugar. It’s not cheap but I think worth the change.

The next change would be the food I eat during the working day. At the moment it consists of a couple of small chocolate bars mid-morning, then at lunch crisps, and a sandwich or something similar. Unhealthy so I need to look at changing this. Lunches are the main issue, they need to be made in the morning and kept in the fridge. I can heat food up but not actually cook any, salads are the obvious choice but after a while, they lose their interest.

Diet is only one part of this and exercise is so key, running, cycling and weight training. I enjoy running outside and with plenty of woodlands nearby, that is easy to achieve it’s just the motivation to get outside after work to actually do it. I can’t really warrant paying for a gym membership so I might have the option to change the garage into something with a bike, punchbag and kettlebells and for the beginning part this I think will do everything I need it to.

I’ll document the changes I’ve made every month, just to keep me focused. I’m hoping putting this all down actually adds as a motivation.

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